Hau Hoang’s Latest Music Video “Sao Do Dai Chien” Settles On Top Of YouTube Vietnam

Within a week, Hau Hoang’s newest music video achieved #1 trending YouTube Vietnam.

On June 12, Hau Hoang unleashed her latest music video, titled “Sao Do Dai Chien” (loosely translated “Great War Of Red Stars”) – with many humorous scenes that could easily cause viewers to burst into laughter.

Photo: FB Hau Hoang

Similarly to the schools around the world, prefects are usually appointed in every class, and in Vietnam, they are called “sao do” (translated “red star”). Their primary role is to enforce discipline and make sure no pupil breaks the school rules.

In “Sao Do Dai Chien”, Hau Hoang plays the role as one of the cool “red stars”.

As with Hau Hoang’s style, “Sao Do Dai Chien” is a hilariously funny music video as usual, which has helped her to overtake other music videos to achieve #1 on trending YouTube Vietnam.

Check out “Sao Do Dai Chien” below:

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