From a philosophical question, #TôiLàAi (WhoamI) becomes a hashtag with Son Tung M-TP as the center of question

Hashtag #TôiLàAi ( whoamI) is now widely shared on the internet. Son Tung M-TP, Huong Giang, Thien Minh, Lily Nguyen were among the first to respond.

Derived from photographer Tuan Fr (Le Tuan Anh), when sharing the perspective of photography on the question of “Who Am I”, the hashtag #ToiLaAi( whoamI) suddenly becomes a social network. As the owner of the Stranger – The work “reflects the process of refinding oneself” after 10 years of living between pressure, passion, maybe so, Le Tuan Anh always has a vision for the values within every human being.


Campaign “Who am I” begins with Son Tung M-TP – One of the hottest names in the present moment. 7 years in the showbiz, Son Tung M-TP has gradually affirmed his position when his name goes beyond the territory of the home country, going further on the international music map.

In Son Tung M-TP, one sees a special ego mounted with music enthusiasts. Music and Tung is one. Music is the way Tung responded to the allergy, the canopy; is how to be a fan; and also the way Tung looks to himself.



Following this, the campaign of Son Tung M-TP has been shared with the same hashtag #TôiLàAi.

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