Dressed Up Yourself While Taking A Nap To Throw Rubbish? Dong Nhi Shows That It Is Possible!

Popular Vietnamese singer Dong Nhi made her followers couldn’t stop laughing with this Instagram video.

Dong Nhi is know as one of the the top A-list artists in Vbiz. Beside her trademark vocal, she is also well-loved by fans thanks to her humorous and friendly character.

On Sunday, the celebrity once again gifted a short but funny video to her fans.

As she shared through her Instagram, when she was taking a nap in noon, she suddenly remembered that she forgot to throw rubbish.

The beauty then made up herself, dressed up gorgeously, and went out to throw just a small piece of rubbish. Finally, she went back to bed and took a nap with her husband.

Check out this funny video below:

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