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Cuong Do & Dam Thu Trang’s Wedding Invitation Card Sparks Controversy Due To Restriction To Children Under 5 Years Old

Here’s why it is stated so in the wedding invitation card of Cuong Dollar and Dam Thu Trang’s coming matrimony.

The couple will throw their wedding party on a Sunday in July.

Recently, the wedding invitation card of famous businessman Cuong Do and Dam Thu Trang has been a subject of attention after it was revealed and shared online.

Noticeably, it can be understood that Cuong Do and his future wife have chosen a simplistic but luxurious celebration for their matrimonial celebration.

The card states the location and time to be a particular Sunday in July with the exact details being blurred, along with a number of requirements under the Notes section; such as the attending guests to leave their electronic devices behind to enjoy the celebration together and the inability to serve children under 5 years old due to “safety reasons”.

The wedding card that results the heavy debate in Vietnam.

However, the last request on the wedding card thereafter becomes the public eyesore due to the fact that it is very common for families to bring their young children along to the wedding parties especially in Vietnam where family ties are considered vital to such happy gatherings.

When Dam Thu Trang’s representative was contacted for clarification, it was explained that because the wedding venue will be decorated with a lot of displays and equipment plus the restaurant does not have enough staff to take care the children, therefore in consideration of the children’s safety, they do not encourage children under 5 years old to come.

They also hope that the public can understand the safety reason behind such an arrangement and hope everyone can understand.

Some nice photos that they shared before.

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