Chi Pu And Sun HT Check Their Weight And “Faint” After COVID-19 Social Distancing

On Saturday, good friends Chi Pu and Sun HT checked their weight after two weeks of social distancing.

On April 18, Chi Pu revealed a video on her Facebook page of her and Sun HT when staying at home together. After 14 days of social distancing at home as enforced by the Vietnamese government, both artists invited each other to check their weight together.

In the TikTok video, Chi Pu and Sun HT both synced their shocking expressions everytime when they checked their respective weight to scream with the music played in the background. Finally, they both fainted together.

Their followers expressed empathy to their beloved artists’ reactions as it is the same case for almost everyone when they had to be confined at home.

Photo: FB Minh Doan.

Check out Chi Pu and Sun HT’s adorable video below:

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