Chi Pu Shares A Tip On How To Transform Into A Beautiful Girl Effortlessly In Seconds

On Saturday, Chi Pu uploaded an interesting video clip onto her Facebook.

Chi Pu is one of the Vietnamese artists who regularly updates her life with video clips on social media to share with her beloved fans.

And this is what Chi Pu has just updated today.

Photo: FB Chi Pu.

In this short video clip using TikTok, Chi Pu first appeared as an average looking bespectacled girl who tried to snatch her fingers for some sort of “miracle”, until she finally did it right with a shotgun hand gesture and successfully turned into a dolled up femme fatale.

Actually, the trick that Chi Pu did was using a mobile application to do the transformation effortlessly.

Check out to learn a thing or two from our lovely Chi Pu below:

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