Chi Pu Goes For A “Manly” Transformation With A Polka Dot Tie

Chi Pu tried out new fashion style through a Tik Tok video.

Actress-singer Chi Pu has been a big user of Tik Tok mobile application as she often utilizes the media technology to create cute or hilarious videos whenever she is free – which she recently did for another fashion styling attempt.

Photo: FB Chi Pu.

In the 25-second video clip uploaded onto Facebook, Chi Pu is seen wearing a “LipHop” pink jacket. With its hood covering her head, she tries to pull up a polka dot tie to wear. While doing so, she instantly transforms to a cool-looking girl wearing a vest, finishing the feat with the words “Ready Perfectly” displaying in the video.

Check out Chi Pu’s latest entertaining Tik Tok video below:

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