After “Anh Oi O Lai” Success, Chi Pu Is Returning With New Music

Last night, Chi Pu released a video teaser “Ngay Mat Xanh Khong Phai Do Anh” that made fans anticipating for her return.

After the succeed of the music video “Anh Oi O Lai”, Chi Pu is coming back with yet another new music video, titled “Ngay Mat Xanh Khong Phai Do Anh” (translated “The beautiful day is not because of you”).

As announced, this upcoming music video will be revealed at 8pm VNT on October 18.

Chi Pu has been making her fans curious about her next video.

Yesterday, on her personal page, she wrote: “Ngay mat xanh khong phai do anh, vay do ai? #Sunny Cung hong cau tra loi voi Chi Nha” (translated “The Beautiful day is not because of you, because of whom? #Sunny Let’s wait for the answer with Chi).

With 19 seconds of the video teaser of “Ngay Mat Xanh Khong Phai Do Anh”, viewers can see how uncomfortable Chi Pu feels due to the hot weather, and right after, she is happy again as she enjoys Mother Nature.

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