Vietnamese Film “Bo Gia” Starring Tran Thanh Hits 200 Billion VND After Only 9 Days

Heart-warming local movie “Bo Gia” has raked impressive revenues after 9 days.

Vietnamese movie “Bo Gia” continues to attain achievements in the industry. After only 9 days, the total revenue of “Bo Gia” has already surpassed 200 billion VND. As a local production, such a box office record is seen as uncommon in Vietnam.

Photo via FB MC Tran Thanh.

At present, “Bo Gia” has topped the list to become the 1st Vietnamese movie to earn its highest revenue of all time. Besides the impressive box office record, the film OSTs are also winning attentions within the local music fans, particularly for heartwarming song “Sao Cha Khong”, which is seen garnering high number of YouTube views.

“Bo Gia is currently airing throughout the local cinemas, have you watched it yet?

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