An Awesome Vietnamese Movie Is Coming Right In Your Way Starring Thanh Hang And Chi Pu

CGV Cinema Vietnam excited local movie fans when it released a trailer for “Chi Chi Em Em” (translated: “Older Sister-Younger Sister”) with Thanh Hang and Chi Pu.

The new movie “Chi Chi Em Em” will mark the first collaboration between Thanh Hang and Chi Pu. With the release of the trailer, their fans were unable to sit still waiting for the day that will air in the cinemas.

With over 2 minutes, the trailer brings the public from surprising scenes to other interesting scenes, raising curiosity about the plot of the movie. With the two big names starring in the movie; Chi Pu and Thanh Hang, this movie promises to stir a storm in Vietnamese cinema industry.

“Chi Chi Em Em” is scheduled to officially premiere at all local cinemas from 20 December 2019 onward.

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