Son Tung M-TP’s “Sky Tour” Movie Revenue Hits 11.5 Billion VND After 10 Days

In the beginning of a brand new week, Son Tung M-TP shared a good news regarding the latest update of “Sky Tour” movie.

“Sky Tour” movie is a documentary movie featuring Son Tung M-TP’s namesake music tour in 2019. It began its airing in local cinemas for 10 days now, from June 12 to June 21.

On Monday, Son Tung M-TP shared an exciting news regarding the latest development of his new movie.

“Sky Tour” movie has achieved 11.5 billion VND after 10 days of screening in the local cinemas. Despite the fact that the revenue might not be comparable to other movie hits, as the first documentary movie of a Vietnamese singer, it is generally considered as a huge achievement, particularly at the time with the ongoing pandemic outbreak.

In addition, Son Tung M-TP also shared that he will have an interesting gift for his fans soon.

What could that be?

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