Son Tung M-TP Creates New Record In Vietnamese Film History; Sells 10,000 “Sky Tour” Tickets In Two-day Pre-ordering

Son Tung M-TP has surprised everyone with an amazing achievement in Vietnamese film history.

Come June 12, highly anticipated movie “Sky Tour” of Son Tung M-TP will finally be screened across local cinemas nationwide. It will be a good time for his fans including movie lovers to show their love and support to the V-pop idol for his hard work over the years.

After 48 hours of pre-ordering before the premiere date, “Sky Tour” has already sold 10,000 tickets, and that sets a new record for a Vietnamese film in the history.

Photo: FB M-TP.

“Sky Tour” film will officially mark Son Tung M-TP’s return to the entertainment scene in 2020. It features and follows the behind-the-scenes of Son Tung M-TP’s successful concert tour in 2019.

Don’t forget to check out Son Tung M-TP’s “Sky Tour” movie in the nearest local cinema from June 12!

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