“Sister Sister” Behind The Scenes Photos Of Thanh Hang And Chi Pu Revealed

Lately, Chi Pu shared on her personal social page with behind the scenes photos for her latest Vietnamese movie titled “Sister Sister”.

After slightly more than a week of release, the highly anticipated local film “Chi Chi Em Em” (translated as “Sister Sister) has not disappointed its Vietnamese audiences, with its intriguing plot led by the talented actors, namely Thanh Hang, Chi Pu and Lanh Thanh.

“Sister Sister” has been buzzing among the online communities due to its specific focus on relevant topics today; lesbian, money and honor.

On Saturday, Chi Pu revealed some unseen photos between her and the co-lead actress Thanh Hang. Through these photos, viewers can see that both of them are close to each other, with the younger sister Chi Pu looking mischievous just like in the movie. While fans also commented how they look so much like real siblings.

Take a look at the lovely photos of the “Sister Sister” couple below:

Photo: FB Chi Pu.


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