Korean Film Remake “Anh Trai Yeu Quai” Well-received By Vietnamese Movie Fans

“Anh Trai Yeu Quai” is currently screening nationwide in Vietnam.

“Anh Trai Yeu Quai” (translated “My Devil Brother”) is the latest Vietnamese film to hit the local cinemas, which is the remake of Korean movie “My Annoying Brother” screened in 2016.

“Anh Trai Yeu Quai” is a family movie that has since been attracting attention among Vietnamese movie fans, as well as overseas audiences.

People tend to assume that any remake version of film and drama is usually hard to have succeed compared to the original one. However, in this case, for people who have watched the original Korean version “My Annoying Brother” and then the Vietnamese version, you may realize that the latter version actually manages to excel in several creative and positive aspects with the acting talents showcased by local well-known actors Kieu Minh Tuan, Dieu Nhi, Issac, Phi Phung.

After the opening weekend, “Anh Trai Yeu Quai” succeeded to rake in a whooping 20 billion VND revenue, with more than 250,000 admission tickets sold.

Source: kenh14.vn

As of the morning on December 3, the movie is still leading over all other current screenings.

Source: boxofficevietnam

Watch the movie trailer below:

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