Harry Lu Returns With New Movie After Serious Accident.

After movie “4 Years, 2 Boys, A Love”, film director Luk Van’s second movie with Harry Lu, the actor keeps making the audiences touched.

In early 2017, Harry Lu suffered a serious traffic accident resulting in an injury to his face. Currently, he has returned to the big screen as the actor in movie “It Is Great To Be With You”. This is the first movie that he participated in after the accident, and just officially released in theaters.

With “It is Great To Be With You”, Harry Lu is cast as the main character. Different from “4 years, 2 Boys, A Love” which is about the beautiful side of the youth, the new movie expands to the other sides of life, including difficulties in life and the dark side of showbiz.

In the movie, Dinh Bao (Harry Lu) and Gia Khang (B Tran) used to be close friends at the university and then they become rivals.

The film is a story about Dinh Bao (Harry Lu), a famous actor who loses his memory after a traffic accident. He must try to integrate life, adapt to work as well as discovers many unfortunate facts about himself.

Accompanying with Dinh Bao is his wife Mi Minh (Oanh Kieu), who always sacrifices for her lover. Besides, Gia Khang (B Tran) was a close friend in the same university, and suddenly appears to become his rival. In addition, Hoang An (Tien Luat), an ambitious boss, gives Dinh Bao many challenges that he has to overcome.

With the beautiful love at the university, Dinh Bao (Harry Lu) and Mi Minh ( Oanh Kieu ) become the husband and wife.

The OST is also complimented for its beautiful melody and makes audiences feeling touched.

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