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“Gai Gia Lam Chieu 3” Emerges Among Top 5 Of The Highest-Grossing Vietnamese Films

After two weeks of premiere, Vietnamese movie “Gai Gia Lam Chieu 3” surprised with well-deserved box office result.

“Gai Gia Lam Chieu 3” has evidently proven its nationwide popularity after exceeding over 165 billion VND in revenue after just around 2 weeks since it premiered across the country.

With this impressive achievement, “Gai Gia Lam Chieu 3” has officially surpassed “Hai Phuong” (150 billion VND), a highly successful local film that had achieved surprising box office revenue in the US as well.

With “Gai Gia Lam Chieu 3” still airing throughout the local cinemas in the country, it is certainly be interesting to see if it will successively surpass the next 3 record-breaking films within the Vietnamese movie industry.

Top 5 Vietnamese films with the highest domestic revenue at present:

1. Cua Lai Vo Bau (191.8 billion VND)

2. Mat Biec (172 billion VND)

3. Em Chua 18 (171 billion VND)

4. Gai Gia Lam Chieu (165 billion VND)

5. Hai Phuong (150 billion VND)

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