“Chi Chi Em Em” Trailer Starring Chi Pu Raises High Expectations From Local Fans

Recently, the official trailer of the upcoming movie “Chi Chi Em Em” was released on YouTube.

Chi Pu just released the trailer for “Chi Chi Em Em” (translated “Sister Sister”) On her YouTube channel on November 12.

In the trailer, there are several interesting scenes which reveal unexpected points surrounding the three main characters; Thien Kim (Thanh Hang), Huy (Lanh Thanh), and Nhi (Chi Pu).

With the trailer lasting over only two minutes, viewers can already know that Nhi (Chi Pu) is the bad girl who tries to break up the good relationship between the husband and wife couple Thien Kim (Thanh Hang) and Huy (Lanh Thanh).

Besides, there are also several steamy scenes between Thien Kim (Thanh Hang) and Nhi (Chi Pu). Moreover, each character keeps and owns their secrets.

Kathy Uyen is reportedly the director of this upcoming movie “Chi Chi Em Em”, with the target screening date from December 20 as planned.

Watch the trailer “Chi Chi Em Em” via here.

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