Who Wore Balmain Better: BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Or Chau Bui?

Both Jisoo and Chau Bui showed off fashion sense on their mix & match skills excellently.

Recently, netizens realized that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Chau Bui had worn the same design of the French luxury brand Balmain in the public.

The price tag of the designer clothing is known to have cost a bomb, at approximately US$2,695. Even though they wore the same design, the style on how they mixed and matched with other accessories is gaining attention.

The BLACKPINK member mixed a tweed jacket with a black cropped top inside, and wore the same color of skirt. On the other hand, Chau Bui wore a bra inside the jacket, with with a pair of long pants, exhibiting a modern and stylish look. It may be hard to determine who wore it nicer except they are unique in their own respective manner.


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