“The Girl From Ocean” Chau Bui Impresses Viewers At Kenzo Show Paris Fashion Week 2020

The representative from Vietnam, Chau Bui, has been the center of attention among international netizens with her one of a kind fashion style.

Well-known Vietnamese fashionista Chau Bui always knows how to customize her personality image to style that attracts in the public eye.

On Thursday, Chau Bui uploaded some of her images online that featured her at the Kenzo show Paris Fashion Week 2020 in style.


For the Kenzo show Paris fashion weeks 2020, Chau Bui cast the concept of her being “the girl from the ocean”. The Vietnamese beauty aroused viewers with a unique make-up style; with beads of pearls sticking above her eyes to complete a sense of elegance. With the ocean blue coat on, she completes her fashion presentation, winning praises for her creativity.

Photo: Instagram chaubui_.

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