Quynh Anh Spotted With “Eyes Stones” Makeup Trend On Her Big Day With Duy Manh

Bride Quynh Anh took the deserving spotlight during her wedding party with specially attached precious stones under her eyes.

Quynh Anh just got married to the prominent rising footballer Duy Manh in Vietnam, a happy ending for their beautiful love.


On Sunday, Duy Manh and Quynh Anh’s wedding celebration was an event that was highly anticipated in the country.

The bride had also been receiving compliments thanks to her exquisite makeup style – with two round precious stones under her eyes, resulting her to stand out even more on this special day.

In fact, this makeup trend is gaining popularity across Asia. For instance, in Vietnam, Chi Pu was known to have applied the similar makeup effect, as well as international artists like IU, Chungha and Risabae.

Chi Pu.
IU also likes attaching precious stones under her eyes.


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