Ngoc Trinh Shares Her Kodak Portra 400 Bikini Photoshoot On Instagram

These photos of Ngoc Trinh clearly show how the celebrity is embracing professional photography. 

On Saturday, Ngoc Trinh maintains her status as Bikini Queen when revealing her newest photos.

As the model shared, these photos were taken casually by her assistant, Thuy Kieu. Even though they were taken in Kodak Portra 400 film without image enhancement, her beauty proves to outshine what a modern photo-editing software can do.

Photo: Instagram: ngoctrinh89.

From the background, the viewers could assume that the photos were taken at the swimming pool which she had it built in her villa. In a skimpy pink bikini and a white hat, her bikini images on Instagram have received praises from her fans, particularly on her slim waistline and long slender legs.

View more photos of Ngoc Trinh below:

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