Ho Ngoc Ha And Thanh Hang Make A Surprise Feature On Vogue France

Vietnamese fans get surprisingly proud to see Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang on foreign magazine, Vogue France.

Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang are two Vietnamese muses who recently appeared in the latest fashionable collection of Cong Tri. Specifically, the photoshoot immediately caught attention from the public and went on to feature in the foreign magazine, Vogue France.

Cong Tri is known as a talented Vietnamese designer who has designed many nice and creative outfits. Moreover, the beauty and hourglass body of close friends Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang is one of the main points that attract the viewers.

View more of local designer Cong Tri’s fashionable outfits and beautiful photos of Ho Ngoc Ha and Thanh Hang below:



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