Dong Nhi Blends Her Latest Fashion Mix With DECOS & Christian Dior

The appearance of Dong Nhi after getting with Ong Cao Thang has been gaining many good comments from the public.

Everyone knows that Dong Nhi is a nature beauty since her debut into the entertainment industry. Even after her recent grand wedding with her now-husband Ong Cao Thang, her charms remain alluring even truer to what she already used to be. While we all know “a picture is worth a thousand words”, it can be said it is as true as what her recent photo shoot shows too.


With the pictures, Dong Nhi stands out as a gentle lady in a white elegant dress of the Vietnamese brand DECOS, while she modestly compliments the pose with a pink Christian Dior handbag.

Dong Nhi has always been the lifestyle influencer of young Vietnamese people with her healthy image. The female singer also does not forget to remind her followers to stay at home amidst COVID-19 epidemic in the country and around the world, and to ensure social distancing measure to keep each other safe.

Photo: FB Dong Nhi.
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