Chi Pu Wears The Same Tight Suit As K-pop Red Velvet’s Wendy In Latest Music Video

Wearing the same outfit as Wendy from K-pop girl group Red Velvet, Chi Pu showcases her own unique beauty. It’s also interesting to note that the same suit was worn by Baifern before.

It becomes a discussion topic when the public realized that V-pop artist Chi Pu wore the same suit as K-pop girl group member Red Velvet’s Wendy.

The price tag of this particular branded suit costs a whooping of about 8 million VND (US$345), with many netizens offering positive comments regarding Chi Pu’s fashion style.

In this peach colored suit, Chi Pu looks chill, and also shows off her good body shape. With her good appearance and body in a style that she hasn’t worn before in any music video, it is no doubt that her fans are feeling excited to see her again in this comeback.


Different from Chi Pu, Wendy accompanied the same suit with other accessory that made her look like a green broom.

In fact, this suit seems to be a hot favorite wear for celebrities. Thai actress Baifern also wore the same suit before.

Chi Pu appeared with her own unique personality – one that the celebrity Vietnamese singer is known for pursuing as always. With her mesmerizing looks and talent, Chi Pu once again has not disappoint her fans.

Chi Pu looks very cool in this design.
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