Chau Bui Takes Up #PillowChallenge Like A Professional Model In A Homemade Studio

Chau Bui also joined in the current hottest trend, #PillowChallenge.

Lately, there are many ladies including celebrities around the world who have been engaging in the current trend #PillowChallenge amidst the social distancing isolation measure.

Of this list, there can be no reason to miss out fashionista Chau Bui from Vietnam.

Slightly different from almost all others who just use only one pillow to cover the entire body, Chau Bui went for two pillows with two colors, which can be seen as a way to compliment the contrast of the “pillow outfit.” In brown and white, it is a natural color mix along with a distinctive black belt.

Moreover, with striking poses, she amazed viewers into making it seemingly like a professional photo shoot taken in a studio.

View more of #PillowChallenge photos of Chau Bui below:


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