Chau Bui, ITZY’s Yuna, And Jessica Jung: Who Wore It The Best?

Fashion can be very comparative, in recent time, between Korean and Vietnamese celebrities as well. For this same Louis Vuitton skirt, we are looking at ITZY’s Yuna and Jessica Jung versus Chau Bui.

After 14-day of isolation in Vietnam for returning from epidemic-stricken Italy, Chau Bui wasted no time to update her latest fashion photos on her Facebook page.

In these photos, her followers could easily recognize the particular skirt from Louis Vuitton which she wore is the same as the one that was previously seen on ITZY’s Yuna And Jessica Jung.

As reported by local news outlet, the striking pink skirt which Chau Bui, ITZY’s Yuna and Jessica Jung wore comes from the Cruise Collection 2020 of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

the pink skirt is the design from Cruise collection 2020 of  Louis Vuitton.

If ITZY’s Yuna and Jessica Jung look beautiful with the pink skirt just like the model from the fashion show, Chau Bui exhibited her very own unique charm in a creative perspective complimented with the assortment of fashion accessories


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