Bich Phuong Challenges Herself With Sensual Bikini Photo Shoot

Bich Phuong revealed her latest photo shoot in a home setting on Facebook.

On Sunday, well-known Vietnamese singer Bich Phuong took a bold approach with her newest photo shoot uploaded on social media, which garnered much interest from the netizens.

Particularly, the set of photos seems like they were taken from home instead of an usual studio, and also in a dim environment, shrouding the atmosphere with a sense of mystery. The singer received a lot of positive comments especially on her well-toned body.

Photo: FB Bich Phuong.

The female singer’s sensual photos immediately attracted attention with the first sight. In these photos, Bich Phuong wears a white bikini and matches with a transparent clothing layer on the outside. In every photo, she makes sure to focus on the highlights for her ant waist and long slender legs.

View more photos of Bich Phuong below:



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