AMEE Goes Back To The 80s Fashion Trends And She Is Wowing Everybody

It is becoming a “IN” thing for Vietnamese hotties these days to trend the 80s fashion style, including AMEE.

AMEE always appears in front of the public with the modern fashion style. Just some days ago, the attractive singer decided to surprise her fans by attempting the fashion style from the 1980s. With the beautiful jawlines and well-proportioned body, no style proves to be hard for her.

AMEE looks so cool in this outfit. Photo: FB AMEE.

Recently, AMEE shared a lovely Tik Tok video on her personal Facebook page. In the clip, the cute singer tried on many outfits from the 80s. With each outfit, she also selectively chose the most suitable hair style to compliment the outfit. Her adorable emotions and gestures have melted all her followers’ hearts.

Check out AMEE’s mini fashion show below:

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