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Ngoc Trinh Has To Drink 10 Cups of Soju Before Singing “Anh Oi O Lai” With Chi Pu

On November 29, Ngoc Trinh sang with Chi Pu on stage in an event – for the very first time.

In the evening of November 29, Chi Pu and Ngoc Trinh were the two guests among many others in a local event.

Appearing as a special singer, Chi Pu sang her latest hit “Anh Oi O Lai”. In a gorgeous red dress with salient make-up style, she became the center of attention with the audiences.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ngoc trinh va chi pu hat anh oi anh o lai

Specifically, Ngoc Trinh appeared while Chi Pu was singing, which immediately turned to cheers.

Thereafter, Ngoc Trinh sang the song “Anh Oi O Lai” together with Chi Pu. Later on the stage, Ngoc Trinh shared that she had to drink 10 cups of soju (Korean wine) to gain confidence to sing on the stage.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ngoc trinh va chi pu hat anh oi anh o lai

Nevertheless, Ngoc Trinh seemed to have tried her best and earned support from the attendees, especially to watch the collaboration stage between her and Chi Pu together.

Watch “Anh Oi O Lai” by Chi Pu and Ngoc Trinh below:

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