H’Hen Nie Full Of “Orange” Energy In Support For Bicycle Race

Miss Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie appeared brilliantly on the street to show her support for a bicycle race.

On June 7, H’Hen Nie had a busy day when she graced the street to show her support for all the competitors who participated in a bicycle race for the City Television Cup. According to local report, Sunday was the last round for the bicycle race, with the arduous long distance from Lam Dong to Ho Chi Minh City.

Photo: FB H’Hen Nie.

The Vietnamese celebrity was particularly striking amongst the crowd; in an orange sporty outfit from head to toes.

H’Hen Nie maintained her friendly posture and warm smile throughout, and constantly showed her encouragement to all the competitors despite the glaring hot weather.

The event concluded successfully with the cheers and support from H’Hen Nie and the onsite spectators.

View more image of H’Hen Nie below:

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