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Why You Should Start Listening To V-pop, If You Have Not


Vietnam has a recent history of turmoil, but since the mid-1970s, it has become more synonymous with beautiful scenery and an emerging pop culture aimed at its youth. This is in stark contrast to the negative force of the popular Chinese ballads getting a rehash by Vietnamese artists.

V-Pop has something new and fresh to offer. Like its Korean counterpart, K-Pop and the Japanese J-Pop culture, V-Pop has a kind of youthful independence about it. It is perhaps for the first time in living memory anyone [in Vietnam] has discovered a pop scene and movement for the kids to enjoy.

History of Vietnam and its V-Pop Revolution

Even in the years after the end of the Vietnam War, its perception globally was one of a war-ravaged nation with poverty and rebuilding at its core. However, globalisation, a young educated workforce, world-renowned cuisine and an excellent starting point for new businesses – Vietnam has come into its own.

Tourism is big now and there are as many beautiful landmarks and regions here as there are in Thailand. There is also big international investment from Asian, and even American big business, as a result, a sub-culture is beginning to flourish.

But judging by the popularity of Korea’s K-Pop in Vietnam, it seems only inevitable that this rapidly developing nation should be able to hold its own in the sector of pop music production and dance.

The youth of Vietnam are no longer interested in just staying alive, they want to be alive. K-Pop took root in Vietnam some years ago, so it should seem only fair game that Vietnam and its V-Pop should return the favor.

In 2019, there are many Vietnamese singers, dancers and choreographers hard at work and coming through the pop music scene. The result is a more creative and original style of musicianship from the upcoming budding artists.

No longer do the Vietnamese rely on K-Pop or old Chinese classics revamped in a corny way for the Vietnamese Youth, but an original, independent style they can call their own.

Musical Cultures Spawn from Hard Times

Vietnam has had to rely on rebuilding and watching its close neighbors jump on the Asian industrial boom while it struggled. Many songs are sung about the hardships of society. People in Vietnam still look forward to rain – and await the cooling feeling it brings.

V-Pop is something you can dance to and sing about. Moreover, it identifies with the local communities of the emerging nation.

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