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Why V-pop Might Be The Next Big Thing After K-pop

Image credit: Soha

Vietnamese Pop (V-pop) culture is exponentially expanding in its fame as various and adaptable artists are coming quickly into the business.

From performing conventional music melodies to mushy popular music, to hip hop tunes to electronic dance riffs, they have all coming up.

There are already numerous artists who are endeavoring to get a message crosswise over through the other pop societies and they are working admirably with that.

V-Pop is getting to be prominent in various pieces of the world. It is likewise said that it may outperform the K-Pop industry, despite the influential power of famed stars like BTS, BLACKPINK and others after the recent Seungri scandal that is seen as the whistle blower of the dark side of the billion dollar industry.

It may be too soon to state that, however V-pop definitely is the following enormous thing after K-Pop as the artists are resolved and they won’t let a solitary open door go past by them.

Here is the list of few people who are surely trying to be better than their counterparts.

Son Tung M-TP

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This guy is surely the biggest thing in V-Pop at current times as he is apparent in almost all the billboards across the nation. His music is usually being played by every restaurant, cafe, and shopping mall, consequently, if you’ve spent some time in Vietnam, there’s no chance you haven’t heard him.

The estimate of his popularity could be measured by how fast he got to one million views on YouTube in 2017 becoming the first Vietnamese to ever do that. He is the face of V-pop industry by making sure that the music scene in Vietnam adapts to the changing pop culture by blending in different variations of pop into their own music.


Image credit: Soha

MIN appeared on the screens as a solo artist and released her first album in 2013. Her style of music is not only focused on just one aspect but keeps the attention of the listener right through the end. The videos tell a story and are packed with all the trendy fashion and views that are soothing to the eyes. She is another big contender to compete with the K-Pop industry and with the amount of potential shown from her previous albums, it’s no surprise.

My Tam

Image credit:

Beginning from classical ballads, Tam is turned into a widely acclaimed artist hitting the Billboard outline once in a while. She is record-breaking most elevated positioning artist in Vietnam and one who has definitely had an effect in the global pop circuit. Her last album that came out in 2017 is another hit and surely a challenge for the K pop industry as now people have amazing pop options to listen to apart from Korea.

Soobin Hoang Son

Image credit: VietNamNet

Starting from underground, he’s one of the most highly acclaimed and respected artists, not only because of his music but also how he helps young artists as a coach. This makes him earn loads of love and admiration among junior artists who have just began with their music culture. A sole inspiring personality like Soobin is all one needs to go big in the pop industry around the globe.

The world is becoming a global village at a much faster pace and language is not as much of a barrier to shine your way to stardom. V-pop is surely not as big as K-pop now but it also won’t be wrong to say that they’re close. Only time can tell.

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