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“Ve Nha Di Con” Episode 64: Vu Receives The Trophy For Being The “Baddest Father Of The Year”

V-drama “Ve Nha Di Con ( Translated “Go Back Home, My Daughter”) has been attracting a lot of Vietnamese viewers. In episode 64, Vu has a good behavior with his girlfriend except his son.

The preview of “Go Back Home, My Daughter” Episode 64 reveals Vu’s “kindness”( Vu already has a wife and son) to his girlfriend. Even though, his son is sick, he doesn’t care, yet when his girlfriend is drunk and faints, Vu immediately brings her to the emergency room.


What is Vu’s feeling when his son and his girlfriend landed in the same emergency department? In episode 64, Nha (Quynh Nga), Vu’s girlfriend gets drunk and looks exhausted, therefore Vu has to bring her to the hospital. Unluckily, at the emergency department, he meets his family.

Image result for vu va nha ve nha di con tap 64

Thu Couldn’t say anything because of being angry.

Because Bo is sick and Mr. Giang (Vu’s father) couldn’t connect to Vu, so Vu’s parents and Thu ( Vu’s wife) bring Bo to the hospital. While the grandparents and Thu are waiting for Bo in front of emergency room, they see Vu bring his girlfriend to the hospital.

Vu’s father couldn’t say anything else except “You…” Thu looks at vu with angry eyes and couldn’t say anything also. Probably she is so shocked about her husband. At the same time, Nha faints so Vu has to bring her to the emergency room immediately.

Many audiences feel angry because of Vu’s characteristic. What will happen next? Let’s stay tuned to find out.

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