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V-Drama Review: “Ve Nha Di Con” Episode 70 Makes Viewers Cry With That Touching Father-Daughter Scene

In its latest episode 70, its viewers could not hold back their tears at the scene of Mr Son insisting on bringing Thu home.

After Vu asked how the father was and said some words inadvertently, Thu understood why her dad was sad. Moreover, she also made her dad unhappy for causing him to dwell too much over her marriage.

After that, she couldn’t stay calm anymore and asked Vu stop the car immediately to get off. She cried a lot and said that the marriage was her mistake, questioning why her dad had to be sad because of her, and wanted to stop the contractual marriage.

After knowing that Thu and Vu had a marriage contract and she didn’t live happily with her husband, Mr. Son came to her husband’s house to ask her to go back with him.

However, Thu wanted to stay put and to handle the problem first. She would return home later.

When Mr Son was pushing his motorcycle, Thu chased after him, cried and apologized for making him sad.

Mr Son replied: “Now I have nothing, besides being old and forgetful. However, I have love and house, therefore, at anytime, if my daughter wants, you can come back home”.

Before starting the engine, he rubbed her head and told her: “Go in, solve everything and go back home with me.”

Thu couldn’t said anything as she was overwhelmed with emotions. That particular scene between father and daughter ended with lots of tears from the viewers.

Review tập 70: Cảnh bố Sơn sang nhà chồng Thư nghẹn ngào nói “Về nhà đi con” lấy đi biết bao nước mắt khán giả - Ảnh 12.

Mr Son is the father of the year when he always thinks and does everything because of his daughter.

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