Tran Thanh’s Web Drama “Bo Gia” Concludes With Flying Colors

Just recently, the latest web drama of Tran Thanh has been getting a lot of attention from the public.

In the drama, Tran Thanh is Tuan Tran’s father.

Tran Thanh is a well-known Vietnamese MC and talented actor. His beautiful love story with Hari Won has always been a subject of interest from the public.

Recently, Tran Thanh sent a surprise to the local entertainment industry when he invested money and time for his drama, titled “Bo Gia” (translated “The Old Father”).

“Bo Gia” is made up of five episodes in total, centered the story around a poor family. More to material, it bears meaningful and warm messages surrounding family love and the love between humans. To spice things up, the sense of humor is also evident throughout the drama. It was also highly anticipated due to the cast of some popular actors such as Tran Thanh, Le Giang, Ma Giau, Anh Duc, Tuan Tran, and others.

Photo: FB MC Tran Thanh

“Bo Gia” last episode was reportedly to be so popular that it reached top 1 on trending YouTube Vietnam after 25 hours, and 10 millions views after 26 hours. To watch the drama, visit Tran Thanh Town YouTube.

Check out the trailer below:

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