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Actor Le Anh Ton Makes Cameo Appearance Alongside Song Joong Ki In “Arthdal ​​Chronicles”, Reveals His “Strange” Behavior Before Divorce News

Vietnamese netizens got surprised when a Vietnamese actor made a cameo in Song Joong Ki’s ongoing K-drama Arthdal ​​Chronicles, and brought Hue’s accent to the small screen.

Anh Ton takes on the role of Wang Bi Jeok – a character from the ethnic group.

Arthdal Chronicles, which stars Song Joong Ki as one of the main leads, is garnering attention, particularly from Vietnam after the recent episode 10.

In the episode, Eun Som (Song Joong Ki) was arrested for work in the Gitbadak mining tunnel (a place in the drama). In the mining zone scene, there was a character whose job was to call others to work.

Vietnamese audience got surprised when the man taking this role shouted loudly in not Korean but Vietnamese, with a distinctive Hue accent:  “It; going to meal time. Are you hungry? I’m going to die of hunger. Get up!”

With the Vietnamese language being heard in a highly rated K-drama, Vietnamese people could not help but feel the pride of their own indigenous language that makes up the unique Southeast Asian identity.

The lucky actor who got the honor to appear in the same drama as Song Joong Ki was immediately “hunted” by netizens, and revealed to be none other than Le Anh Ton.

During a press interview, he freely shared about his character role, and also revealed Song Joong Ki’s “unusual” behavior before announcing the divorce news on June 27.

He is a handsome boy in the real life.

Born in 1991, Le Anh Ton from Da Nang is a Vietnamese actor. He is currently living in South Korea for about four years and has a Master’s degree in Telecommunication. He also made cameo appearances in two other K-dramas namely Miss Hammurabi and Voice 3.

In particular, Le Anh Ton could hardly express his happiness to be able to meet his idol in real life.

Le Anh Ton also revealed that he noted Song Joong Ki was not in his normal self days before the news of his divorce broke out: “When I was filming that time, I noticed something a little strange. Because I heard that Song Joong Ki is very friendly and sociable. But at that time, the actor did not talk much to everyone, he only focused on acting, so everyone including me were reluctant to talk to him.” 

Song Jong Ki didn’t talk much to everyone because of divorce problem?

“At that time, the news about the divorce (with Song Hye Kyo) wasn’t revealed yet. But now I know he was having marital problem so he was quite cold at that time. I even thought that ‘Hey, because of being a famous actor, so you don’t talk to people?’ Later I came to know about the divorce and understood everything.”

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