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“Go Back Home, My Daughter” Episode 68 Preview: Linh Catches Unfaithful Husband

When Linh (Thu’s best friend) sees Vu (Thu’s Husband) is dating with Nha, Linh is so angry and helps her best friend to create a scene of jealousy.

The high tide of episode 68 is the scene that Linh made for Thu in order to make a scene of jealousy. Linh shouts at Nha’s face like raining cats and dogs. Nha couldn’t defend herself because of the shock, and couldn’t do anything else.

In the preview “Ve Nha Di Con” (translated “Go Back home, my daughter), the audiences feel good when Linh catches Vu and Thu are dating and rebuts on this adulterous couple. Specially, she makes Nha so angry and ashamed till she can’t answer back.

When Linh sees this shameless couple together, Nha wanted to escape. But Linh is faster. She pulls Nha’s hair to keep her from running away.

When Vu sees that, he scolds Linh for being “too much”. Linh shouts back: “Stand in silent!”, with Vu unable to do anything else.

Then Linh speaks up to Nha’s face: “Pretending to be a victim as if it was true! Why is there a kind of cruel person like you who keeps pretending to be innocent? It is true life, funny!”

She also threatens to scratch Nha’s face and cuts her fox’s tail.

Vu and Nha couldn’t answer anything back because Linh Says correctly.

Don’t forget to watch episode 68 at VTV1 tonight at 9pm VNT.

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