Ba Na Hills, Like A Pop-up Magical Wonderland In Spring

In every Spring particularly this New Year, there are approximately 1.5 million tulips, plus hundreds of other flowers take their beautiful blooms to surface at Ba Na Hills.

The flower festival in Sun World Ba Na Hills has taken place from 20 January 2020, and will last until 30 March 2020. Themed truthfully as what it is, the “Land Of All flowers” event is widely known as an annual organized fair to welcome Tet (Vietnamese Lunar Year), and also one of the main attractions to tourists both locals and foreigners alike.

Notably, the event in 2020 has broken the previous 2019 record, with a whooping number of 1.5 million tulips. It is magical to see 57 varieties of tulips, particularly some rare ones, like the Queen of the night, Fancy Frills, Fabio, Queensland, Flash point, Green dance, Indiana, Purple valley, Negrita, and other flowers, which have gathered together to grace Ba Na Hills on such a highly anticipated occasion.

Each type of flower bears a unique color and beauty. Altogether, the flowers in Ba Na Hills draw a colorful yet enchanting background where every spot is surely Instagram-worthy. So don’t miss out out Ba Na Hills’ festival flowers while they are still there!

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