Vbiz Most Anticipated Event Today: Cuong Do La And Dam Thu Trang Finally Tie The Knot

Finally, Cuong Do La (Dollar) and Dam Thu Trang’s wedding is completed today.

Dam Thu Trang looked sophiscatedly elegant in wedding dress.
The groom with wide smile really to face his bride.
The couple held hands together, had many sweet gestures to each other.
Kissing scene.

Today, on Sunday, 28 July 2019, Cuong Do La and Dam Thu Trang officially threw their wedding party in a luxurious wedding centre. As revealed before, security was tightened to ensure privacy for the nuptial.

In addition, invited guests were not allowed to take any wedding photo. However, right after the wedding party, the best moments of the bride and groom began to circulate online.

The couple cut a giant wedding cake.

Dam Thu Trang wore an elegantly beautiful dress which was designed for her solely, bearing witnesses from the two sides’ families and their close friends. She couldn’t hide her happiness except with smiles throughout. With Cuong Do La, both held hands and gave each other lovely kisses in front of their families and friends.

Their followers had been waiting for the wedding party from long time ago. This is finally the happy ending that everyone has been rooting for.

The couple shared feeling and expressed thanks to the guests.
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