This Is What V-Pop Singer Son Tung M-TP Drinks To Maintain His Voice

To treat hoarseness, sore throats and protect vocals, Son Tung M-TP always brings this drink with him everywhere. 


In recent days, the most anticipated tour of Son Tung M-TP has constantly been a hot topic to be discussed among online community.

In the evening of July 28th, the first night in the “Sky Tour 2019” of Son Tung M-TP with a strong line-up of local artists took place successfully.

Previously, in the morning of July 28th, during meet & greet with fans for the “Sky Tour 2019”, the V-pop idol appeared with a cheerful face, with much enthusiasm to answer questions
from his fans.

These days, fans have noticed that Son Tung M-TP always brings a bottle of water with him, and they were curious what kind of drink it was.

In response to this question from fans, Son Tung M-TP replied: “Actually Tung is the one person who says no to alcohol. This is the bottle of Stillhouse, it is actually for cocktail but Tung has poured it away. Today, there is an extremely miraculous water in this bottle, and it is bean sprout water which is very good for the throat.”

Despite being relatively easy to prepare, many people might not have known the beneficial effect it can have to our throat.

Thanks to Son Tung M-TP, fans now know one more tip to maintain a good voice with this healthy drink. If you have hoarseness or sore throat, do give it a try!



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