Truong Giang Only Wants This From Wife Nha Phuong On This Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, a bowl of white porridge was all what Truong Giang wanted.

On every Valentine’s day, people would normally want to have a nice meal with their lover. For Truong Giang on this day, it seemed the same but yet slightly different – he just wanted to have a bowl of white porridge that his wife Nha Phuong cooked for him.


The reason why Truong Giang wanted to have this simple yet humble dish was because his stomach did not feel well.

As Nha Phuong shared, Truong Giang said to her that he just wanted to wait for morning to come on this Valentine’s Day, and if whether his wife could prepare a bowl of white porridge for him as he couldn’t sleep the whole night because of the stomachache.

From what Nha Phuong shared, fans could feel Truong Giang’s love for his wife. Even though he was feeling uncomfortable, he still did not want to wake up his wife when she was asleep.

Of course, after knowing that later in the morning, Nha Phuong immediately cooked what her husband wanted.

Photo: Fb Nabi Nha Phuong.

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