Back Home Late After Performance, Tran Thanh Cooks For Hari Won, Takes Care Of Wife Meticulously

The image of Tran Thanh coming down to the kitchen to cook food for Hari Won when she went to play late at night received many compliments from the audience.

More than two years under the same roof, Tran Thanh has always been known as the celebrity who pampers his wife. Not only does he give the money he earned to Hari Won, he often takes her to travel to relieve stress whenever he is free. Even the male MC does not have any burden on having children because he is concerned about the health of his wife.

Until recently, Tran Thanh received more compliments from the public when he personally cooked in the kitchen for Hari Won even thought it was already late night.

Specifically, on the personal Facebook fan page of the Korean-born female singer, she uploaded Tran Thanh’s cooking for the reason that his wife went to perform and returned home late at night.

Although it was just fried egg noodles, but for Hari Won, this proves Tran Thanh’s love for her.

“When back home late due to work at night, I was too tired, but he asked if I wanted to eat noodles. Since he hasn’t cooked anything for me before, so I nodded immediately. And it was quite delicious. For people, it was just fried noodles but I like as it was full of love,” Hari Won wrote.

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