Tran Thanh Looks Dashing In Hanbok On His Birthday

On the occasion of his birthday, Tran Thanh revealed nice pictures of him on his Facebook page.

February 5 is Tran Thanh’s birthday, and he celebrated it by uploading some nice photos onto his Facebook page, with the caption: “Sanh thần thứ 33 rồi đó!!! Già tới nơi rồi!!!! Năm nay thành công hơn nữa để giúp đỡ nhiều người hơn nữa nha Xìn. 1000 kế hoạch phải thực hiện. Cố lên nào!!! Chạy thôi!!!” ( translated “Birthday 33!!! Going to be old soon!!! This year have to be more successful to help more people, Xin. 1000 plans to do, fighting!!! Run!!!”)

Note: Xin is Tran Thanh’s nickname.

This year is the first year that he celebrated his birthday in his wife’s hometown, South Korea.

In these photos, Tran Thanh shows off his charisma in traditional Korean costume, Hanbok. Furthermore, he also revealed he has many plans for his new “age”.

Tran Thanh is known to be not only a talented actor and MC, but also possesses a kind heart, one of the Vietnamese celebrities who always loves to do charities.

Photo: FB MC Tran Thanh.

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