Thu Thuy’s 10 Years Younger Boyfriend Reveals He “Scolded” Her Son Like A Father

Kin Nguyen, the boyfriend of Thu Thuy, has just posted on his personal SNS page about the story of little Henry (the daughter of the female singer) who was scolded by him for his being naughty.

He said: “The boy is very good, understands the story. Every time when he is too mischievous, I have to punish him. He knows and admits his mistakes.”

 Kin Nguyen and little Henry are seen playing together.

Calling Henry “son” and “dad”, Kin Nguyen wrote: “My super naughty son! You always want to be strong and big like me to protect your mother.”

After that, Kin Nguyen asked: “Daddy punishes you, will you still love me?”

The son just answered: “Still love You, Dad! Because I am naughty and you have meted the right punishments.” To which the dad responded: “My son has to be strong and good. I believe that you will grow up fast and we will protect mom together.”

Thu Thuy said: “I am very happy when my son calls Kin Nguyen dad”.

Thu Thuy commented that both dad and son are so lovely. In response, Kin Nguyen wrote: “Thanks to you, mother.”

Besides, fans also sent their blessings to the female singer as she finds new happiness.

“I feel so happy when he love you and Henry”, said one fan. “You have to love and care for her and her child more. She deserves to be happy because she has suffered so much hurt”, said the other, a message that’s obviously conveyed to Kin Nguyen.


They look like a happy family together.

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