The Types Of Dishes That Chau Bui Cooks At Home

After taking part in Paris Fashion Week 2020, Chau Bui returned back home and is currently taking a break with her family and friends.

It has been a peaceful day to Chau Bui. Instead of working, she wore simple with no make-up whatsoever, spending her entire day playing with her dog, doing exercises, cooking, and making a vlog.

She proves to be a role model with not just her looks and talents, she can also cook well.

In the series of stories about her daily life, there are also images of a home-cooked meal, prepared by herself.

Her attentive followers may have realized that almost at any family meal, Chau Bui often cooks dishes related to ribs, especially sweet and sour ribs and soup.

Her home-cooked dishes are so mouth-watering that her followers can’t help but complimenting them.

It is such a delicious meal!
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