“The Richest Online Streamer In Vietnam” Xemesis Is Going To Get Married Soon?

Lately, the richest online streamer in Vietnam, Xemesis, surprised his fans with wedding photos.

Xemesis’ Vietnamese name is Hieu Nghiem, who is born in 1989. He is one of the famous online streamers in Vietnam. He used to study in London and made people envious with his luxurious car BMW I8 that is said to cost more than 7 billion VND.

Not so long ago, the couple Xemesis and Trang Pham showed off the diamond ring around Trang Pham’s ring finger. And now, they released their wedding photos.

Xemesis looks dashing in the groom suit while Trang Pham is seen in the wedding gown. Their big day certainly is coming soon,

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