Thanh Hang Takes A Break, Updates Fans What She Has Been Up To

Famed celebrity Thanh Hang shared her daily moments with fans.

Thanh Hang is known as one of the top Vietnamese artists in the local entertainment industry, being particularly successful for her career as a model, actress, as well as celebrity judge for major TV programs.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak threat, Thanh Hang is also taking heed of the social distancing measure that has been part of the measures to fight against the spreading of the virus.

Thanh Hang looks youthful and pretty at the age of 36.    

Taking a good break during this time of crisis, Thanh Hang also took some photos to share to her followers onto her Facebook page on what she has been up to, which delighted her followers with various social reactions.

Although Thanh Hang was born in 1983 and turning 37 this year, her appearance remains youthful and beautiful which is also the constant highlight among her followers.

View what Thanh Hang shared regarding her daily life below:

Photo: FB Pham Thanh Hang.
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