Out Of The Blue, Son Tung MTP Asks To “Give It to Me”, Making Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie And Ngo Kien Huy Super Excited

Even though singer Ngo Kien Huy and Miss Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie haven’t listen to the new song, they are so excited just because of what Son Tung MTP just posted.

These days, both major cities Hanoi and Saigon are extremely hot in temperature. And now, Son Tung MTP just heated the weather even hotter with a teaser image that he will stage his dramatic comeback after one year of hiatus.

Specially, Son Tung just posted on his Instagram with the caption: “baby…. Give it to me!!!”

Right after, singer Ngo Kien Huy jokingly commented: “What would Tung like to take from me?”

In addition, Miss Vietnam 2017 also commented: “Give to you everything….”

H’Hen Nie must be a special fangirl of Son Tung MTP, and surely he didn’t make his beloved Sky disappointed. (Sky is Son Tung’s official fanclub name.)

Miss Vietnam 2017 – H’Hen Nie is a big fan of Son Tung MTP.

It is a known fact that not only these two prominent Vietnamese celebrities are Sky and idolize Son Tung MTP, other notable artists and fans alike also.

Even though Son Tung MTP just dropped a simple teaser, already many fans are getting excited across the country, and getting curious for his possibly latest music and video. It’s just the way how special he is in the eyes of local and international fans.

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