Son Tung M-TP’s Latest Photos In Pink Melt All Hearts

Son Tung M-TP’s recent photos in pink shirt and black pants went viral on social network, this is also one of the rare moments to see him in striking outfits.

Son Tung M-TP doesn’t disappoint his followers whenever he makes a public appearance or shares any photo online.

Lately, the dashing male singer once again satisfied his fans when he donned a bright pink shirt with tie that exudes his charisma of a top V-pop idol.

Fans feel very excited with Son Tung’s new style!

Although in pink, Son Tung M-TP still shines with masculine appearance that makes his followers drunk with love.

In the photos, commenters also noted the branded watch that was worn at his left wrist which is speculated to cost a bomb – nearly 1 billion VND (USD$43,217).

In addition, netizens also couldn’t resist but gave numerous compliments on the male singer’s handsome appearance.

Up to now, Son Tung MTP’s photos in pink shirt has over 7 thousand shares.
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