Son Tung M-TP Enjoys Happy Moments In Japan With Lovely Photos

Son Tung M-TP just shared some cute photos of his recent Japan trip.

After the success of comeback “Give It To Me”, Son Tung M-TP continues to spend quality time to travel with his family. Moreover, he also enjoy his single life to travel to new places.

These days, his followers can see that he is having a relaxing time in Japan.

Son Tung MTP looks so lovely.    

On his personal page, he wrote: “Just need to step through this magical door, we can go wherever we want,
Eventually, I could turn around time to visit my best friends…#japan #doraemon #nobita”.

Through these photos, fans can see that Son Tung has many cute expressions next to his friends “Doremon and Nobita”, hinting that he is probably a big fan of the popular Japanese comic Doremon. In each photo, he never fails to showcase his irresistible charms

It is noted that whenever he updates his life with photos, he always receives numerous likes and comments from his followers, spreading positive moods to all.

He feels so happy to take photos with “his friends”
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